Our first aid ambulance and patient transfer ambulance is at your service with experienced doctors and health staff who know foreing languages.We make your medical transfers mostly when you need a safe and comfortable way on time ,in diseases,with our full-equipment ambulances,staff,specialist doctors,nurses and paramedics. We work full-time, at locals, long distances and cross-border transfers. Our team provides you ambulance services over the standards of World Health Organization. Our ambulances are certificated according to the Ministry of Health norms licensed by using the latest medical technology. ABC ambulance service is at your service 7 days and 24 hours.

• Accident happening place to Hospital (by ambulance with doctor and health staff)
• Hospital to Hospital (for further treatment if necessary) (by ambulance with doctor and health staff)
• Hospital to Accomodation place
• Organization of Land, Sea and Air ambulances.

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Main Stretcher
Combination Stretcher
Back board
Inflatable Splint Set
Least 6 Amendment of precipitation
Necklace Set
Fixed Oxygen tube and outlet
Portable oxygen cylinders
Hard vacuum aspirator
Portable aspirators
Constant blood pressure instrument (Steteskoplu)
Portable blood pressure device (Steteskoplu)
Diagnostic set (otoscope, ophthalmoscope, rinoskop) Serum strap
Oxygen mask and nasal catheters (set)
Aspiration catheters (3 different lengths)
Catheter and urine bag in various sizes
Various extent injectors
Basic medical equipment bag (ring cutting scissors, tourniquets, sterile Spanç, compress, bleeding stopper material, gauze, elastic bandages and plaster must be included)
Infusion sets and set with butterfly intraketler
Staff members dress (with Reflector)
Funeral bags