Procedure of ABC
Treatments are applied to patients in our nearest clinics. Online medical reports are sent to our head Office in Selcuk. There, our medical directors investigate the files and if it is required they get in touch with the patients and the costs are determined. The discounts of partners are taken into operation. Then, the files are translated into English and German by the relevant units. Consequently, the guarantee is requested from the concerning companies.

• The person who can speak foreign language accompanies to the patient for solve the language problem between doctors and patient, most efficacious relations because we haven't enough health staff that can speak foreign language in our country.

• If laboratory tests should be send to another laboratory center. The patient never waste time for finding the doctor and laboratory center in foreign country in foreign system.

• After the first examination we contact with the necessary hospital which one is better concerned illness then the patient will be transported there with health staff. The patient never queue up in the hospital. On the contrary the doctor of medicine welcome to the patient when the ambulance came.

• At the beginning of treatment the insurance company will be informed with medical report concerned illness the patient have. Then all updates will be sent to the insurance company day by day and if necessary 24 hours.All correspondes in Turkey gets all information by ABC if the patient's treatment are made in which hospitals/clinics we work in Aegean region.

• To bring discussion to get in touch with the insurance company and near relations and necessity about every thing. (The patient never use the telephone in State hospitals and University Hospitals.Because the international calls are not available.)

• We request the treatment fee firstly from the patient if the payment not possible by the patient than we naturally gravitate towards to the insurance company to get the payment for the medical expenses with the original invoice and medical report .

• ABC is working according to the laws and only due to TURKISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION.
(((( T . M . A)))
Our cost policy is as follows TMA Unit X TMA Coefficient X %8.VAT=Amount (Euro)

* Respect to human honour
* Professionalism
* Respect to privacy
* Focus on individual
* Respect to privite life
* Respect to belief
* Respect to patient rights
* Confidence
* Expertness of a profession
* Secret on personal document
* Reachness
* Security
* Quality
* Respect to cultural values
* Smiling face
* Politeness
* Focus on communition