22-26 February 2012 2.MEDICAL WORKSHOP
Program took place between 22-26 February 2012 Minister of Health of Adjara Levan ANTADZE, TC Adjara is the Consul General Engin Arikan, Commercial Attaché David BERKER and Ajaria with health care organizations operating in the health-related, non-governmental organizations participated.

ABC of Health Services of the participants made ​​separate presentations on issues the two countries will make joint efforts have been introduced in health care. In this sense, the Minister of Health of Adjara Levan Antadze "very confident Turkey. Expect serious support, especially in terms of cardiovascular surgery and oncology.
Dr. Health Tourism Coordinator. In his speech, Dursun Aydin, "Turkey is now the neighboring and friendly countries, want to share health care services, special discounts for Georgia on this issue can be implemented if necessary," he said.
Minister of Health of Adjara Levan ANTADZE gala dinner eaten at the end of the workshop, TC The delegation from Turkey to attend the Consul General Engin Arikan and Adjara.

Visited the Faculty of Medicine, Rize University, and upon their return. Rector Prof. Dr. Personally interested in the Secretary-General Ali Reza Arif Yılmaz visit Görogly Associate Chief of Staff Information about the Faculty of Medicine was awarded by Hasan TÜRÜT hospital units. Behind the President's lunch was served by the delegation.