ABC Health Services commenced operations in 1995 at the heart of Aegean Tourism centre in Selcuk Ephesus. Initially we were offering only tourism doctor services for first-aid cases. In the course of time we developed and enlarged our services.

Our Company
From its launch in 1995, ABC is committed to developing the capacity necessary to assist people coming to Aegean Region via high-quality health services and effective counseling.. We are proud of our company as it is customer-focused, fully integrated, and able to manage international medical risk and operating on a worldwide scale. The focus on customer service is clearly seen in every aspect of ABC. This company principle is emphasized to employees of every unit within the company. Our clinics provide its partners, members, clients and visitors to Turkey advanced primary health care supplied by our experienced medical team.

Our head office is settled down in Selcuk city centre, on the second floor and it is 200square meters. ABC consists of two medical directors, an assistant manager,two doctors (one is available speaking in Albanian and Italian ,French,English and other is available speaking Bulgarian and Russian and by three operation chiefs (two serve in English and an in German), an account service and assistant personnel.

To achieve quality health service and carefree clients despite cultural differences or language burdens.

Any time anywhere in Turkey, we are always at your service for your health.

To provide clients and insurers customer oriented, innovative, cost effective and high quality service. Our professional vision is leadership,innovation and passion to our work.